2009《Where is Kermit》練習品分享

分享我在2009年,於舊金山藝術學院學生時期實驗的彩色沖洗小小作品《Where is Kermit》。上的課堂是Janis Lipzin老師帶的 Intensive Hand-processed Film Class。

我用16mm 彩色反轉片在動畫機上拍攝,之後再用E6藥水沖洗,主要實驗是最後的二次Solarize,看看光影顏色會如何變化。為了要能做到第二次solarize效果,我還必須把第一次的solarize影片在光學印片機上面重複印製之後再進行沖洗,步驟挺繁瑣的!

This is a class practice I've done in the "Intensive Hand-processed Film" which was taught by Janis Lipzin at San Francisco Art Institute. I was using 16mm color reversal film shot on the animation stand, and then hand-processed in E6 chemical. I was experimenting Solarize techniques and I was trying "double-solarized" which I also needed to use optical printer in order to have a solarized-print to work on. Many steps achieved! Share "Where is Kermit" with you!💚




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